Informal areas of the building facilitate learning and intellectual discourse

75.3% of Science Majors and 51.0% of Non-Science Majors use informal leaning spaces in the new/renovated complex for studying

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“The Integrated Science Complex is by far my favorite building on campus.”

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Top 4 most important features for informal learning environments:

Natural Light

Natural Light

…of students surveyed prefer that informal learning spaces have good lighting or access to natural light.



…of students reported that informal learning spaces need to be convenient to classrooms and labs before and after class.

Of the Beaten Path


…of students prefer that informal learning spaces be generally quiet.

Safe Place

Safe Place

…of students revealed that they find the Informal learning spaces a "safe place to be."

“This building is more than a science building. It's more like the new library. We have students from every academic discipline spending time in this building”
— Luis E. Martinez, Ph.D., Director Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A good place to study or their favorite place to study

A good deal of learning takes place as students meet informally outside the classroom. In addition to getting together to work on projects, an estimated 53% of students spend at least some of their time in the science facility discussing ideas from class.

Dedicated space for informal learning

The New ISC at Holy Cross offers

On average, new science centers are allocating between 12.5-13% of program space to informal learning.


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